How to charge your laptop with a power bank

Suppose you are worried because of the short battery of your laptop. Moreover, the battery of your laptop is running out again and again. Don’t worry. This article will teach you how to charge your laptop with a power bank.

It is the easiest way to charge your laptop. There are different advantages of setting your laptop with a power bank. At the same time, using a power bank, you never need a plugged-in switch to charge the laptop. It maximizes your battery life without any charger.

For this purpose, you must select a power bank according to your laptop because most laptop has the power of 5 volts. The laptop needs a higher power to charge. You buy a power bank with higher power according to your laptop.

When you in the journey, it is conducive for you. If you work day and night, it is instrumental. For this purpose, you have to charge your power bank. If the power bank is sufficiently charged, you can charge your laptop more than three times.

How to charge your laptop with a power bank

In this modern world of technology, everything is going to be digital. It increases the use of digital equipment. So, in the same way, it increases the use of laptops—many of facing problems related to their battery.

Let’s think if you are out in a destination place, going out for journeys and vacations. And you have your laptop with you. You have to do some work and want to see a movie on your laptop. But charging is not working out.

Don’t worry. It would be best if you were frustrated. You need an appropriate power bank. In such conditions, the power bank is beneficial for you. You can charge your laptop without an outlet. Purchase a suitable power bank for you.

Steps of how to charge your laptop with a power bank

Setting your laptop with a power bank is so much easy. You have to follow some most manageable steps to charge your laptop. If you never just read the article. We have a solution to your problem

Here are the most manageable steps that you can follow to charge your laptop with a power bank

Step 1: Select An Appropriate Power Bank

The power bank is mainly used for low-power devices as it is helpful to charge your mobile. First, you should select a power bank according to your laptop type because of high-powered laptop devices.

The maximum outlet of the laptop is 20 volts. And most of the power banks available in the market have low volts. You must purchase a power bank of high volts to charge your laptop correctly.

Step 2: Charge your Power Bank

Before going out for vacation and you want to use your power bank. Don’t forget to charge your power bank. For this, the green light of the power bank is helpful. First, you to charge it thoroughly, then use it,

An adequately charged power bank works effectively. It can charge your laptop more than two to three times.

Step 3: Connect your Power Bank to your Laptop

In this step, you connect the power bank to your laptop. Then you check whether your laptop is charging or not. Check the light sign on your laptop. You can connect it with your laptop’s USB A and USB C ports.

Step 4: Use the ports and Adaptations

Different types of laptops are coming onto the market. A laptop has other ports. The USB C port can use to charge the laptop. In some laptops, the charging can be used to connect the power bank.

But now you need an adaptation to connect your power bank to the charging port.

Step 5: Check the Battery Capacity of the Power Bank

A power bank has a different capacity for charging your laptop. A power bank with 70% to 80% output can charge your laptop twice. So before setting up your laptop, check the capacity of the power bank.

If you have a problem with charging your laptop with a power bank, here is a solution. Follow all of these steps to get rid of this problem.

Best power bank for your laptop

Type-C. Mazak, Eggtronic laptop power bank,s and MaxOak laptop power banks are best suitable for banks present in the market.

How to charge a dell laptop with a power bank

If you have a question about how to charge a dell laptop without a charger, here is the answer: you can quickly charge your dell without a charger. It would help if you never had an outlet. The best way is a power bank.

Match the proper voltage of the power bank for your laptop. Here are some most effortless ways to charge your laptop without a charger:

  • Charge your laptop using a power bank
  • Recharge your laptop with a car battery
  • Use a USB Type-C adaptor
  • Charge your laptop with a universal power adapter
  • Carry a super battery

Is it safe to charge your laptop without its official charger?

  • It would be best if you had to research it. You should check that the power of a specific thing you are charging your laptop should match your laptop. Otherwise, it can be harmful to your laptop.
  • Different safe ports are available for your laptop. But you should match its specification according to your laptop. Otherwise, it will damage the battery of your laptop. Please select a suitable alternative to save its battery.


FAQs: How to Charge your Laptop with Power Bank

  • Can you Charge your hp laptop with a Power Bank?

Yes, you can charge your hp laptop with a power bank. You have to select a suitable power bank for your hp laptop. You have to check the power of the power bank ideal for your laptop.

  • How to charge your laptop with USB C?

If you have a question about how to charge a laptop with a USB power bank, here are five solutions: You can quickly assess your laptop with USB C. If you are worried about charging your laptop without a charger, USB C is a good option for you.

  • How to charge a hp laptop with a power bank?

You can quickly charge your hp laptop using a power bank. For this, you have a portable battery for your power bank. Connect your hp laptop to the power bank and find the solution to your problem.

  • How to charge a laptop with HDMI?

Using the HDMI port of the laptop is a healthy alternative to a charger. But when using this alternative, you should have a suitable power source. You can attach HDMI with a power bank, tv, and LCD.


The laptop’s battery life is not as long as we are thinking. The batteries of a laptop are so costly. Sometimes you never have an outlet to charge your laptop. Suppose you are researching how to set your laptop without its charger.

You get a solution here. Power banks work so effectively in outdoor activities. I share different steps for charging the laptop with the power bank. You get a good source of information about setting up a laptop with a power bank.

A power bank is a versatile and portable device you can use to charge your laptop. You don’t need to worry about charging your laptop. The power banks are the best options to set up your laptop.

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