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Ufone Internet packages 2022

Talking about the Internet in this era, where none can function without using the Internet. However, Internet has become an important thing. Everything requires the Internet to process, from researching online /studying online to entertainment or playing games. Ufone has always been the best vast company that provides its users with the best internet packages which work very well.

Here are some Ufone Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

Daily Internet Packages:

If you’re someone who subscribes to the internet package daily, you should look at any packages mentioned below. Ufone has always been the who fulfils theirs customers’ need and offer them the best Internet; some daily internet packages are:




Subscription code

Daily Light Rs.12 40MB plus(500 MB Wtsp,FB,twt,line) *2256#
Daily Heavy Rs.18 75 MB (Wtsp,FB,twt,line) *2258#
Mega Internet Bucket1AM-8 AM Rs.15 2 GB *550#
Social Daily Package Rs.6 100 MB *4422#

Weekly Internet Packages

As Ufone provides the best internets packages, they also provide some good 3days, Weekly, monthly, and social data internet packages. If you’re more into a weekly internet bundle, look at some weekly internet bundles. You’ll find one according to your needs.




Subscription code

Weekly Pakistan offer Rs.100 100Mb data,700 On-net minutes *8888#
Weekly light Rs.86 250 MB 2GBs for Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter. *7811#
Super Internet Rs.135 1.2 GB *220#
Weekly Internet Plus Rs.175 6 GB ( 3 GB 1AM-8AM) *260#
Weekly Internet Max Offer Rs.70 25GB (1AM-9AM) *2570#

Monthly Internet Packages:

the company also offers monthly packages, which are good for those who like to enjoy the Internet monthly without activating the package daily or monthly. The monthly internet packages offered by Ufone are very reasonable that’s works well. The heavy monthly packages are reasonable, i.e. they’re offering  5GB in Rs.500, and the activation code is *803#. Their 12 GB packages are great too. You can activate it by dialing*5100#  in just RS.1000. have a look at some monthly packages. You will find the ones according to your needs.




Subscription Code

Monthly Light RS.390 1 GB + 2GB Social Media Data * 7807#
Monthly Heavy Rs.500 3 GB + 2GB Social Media Data *803#
Monthly Max Rs.1560 10 GB + 2GB Social Media Data *5100#
Super Internet plus Rs.499 8GB Data 5GB WhatsApp *290#



Here are all the Ufone Internet Packages that are listed above

I hope you enjoy the best Internet.

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