Pakistan’s Top 5 Richest Persons In 2023

Pakistan Top 5 Richest Persons In 2023

pakistan top 5 richest man

Pakistan’s Top 5 Richest Persons In 2023

Pakistan is a country with many billionaires and millionaires. One in five of its people live below the poverty line, though there’s been some improvement recently as it has seen more economic growth than other nations. They have experienced turmoil over recent years. This still means 34% or so can’t afford enough food on their own each day. Pakistan’s Top 5 Richest Persons In 2023The list change from year to year depending upon whether an individual made their fortune through entrepreneurship/ is the list of Pakistan’s top 5 richest persons in 2023

Pakistan Richest Person

Mian Muhammad Mansha, a Karachi-based property developer and operator of the country’s largest oil marketer by volume, is now considering Pakistan’s first billionaire after making Forbes’ “The World’s Billionaires” list in 2010 and being considered one of Pakistan’S Top 5 Richest Persons In 2023. The ranks of billionaires have since swelled with many individuals surpassing 1 billion dollars in net worth, including Mokal Ali, an energy trader who ranked 5th wealthiest person in this year’s edition, while Shahid Khan, another auto manufacturer, owns the sports team Jacksonville Jaguars NFL; Amir TABLETOP GAMES CO.; Faisal Mirza tobacco tycoon & Hashim Kamali Selfmade billionaire real estate baron heirs Zardari Group.

  1. Shahid Khan 8.1 Million

The number one person on our list is a businessman and sports tycoon Shahid Khan. He’s the CEO of Flex-a-Gate, an automotive manufacturing company he founded during his student years at the University of Illinois. Where he played football for three years before graduating with a degree in engineering physics

The owner also owns Jacksonville Jaguars American NFL Football Team. As well Fulham Fc soccer team is located in Premier League EPL). Two English clubs compete against each other every week. But they are not direct rivals, just like many teams around Europe do due to cross-promotion agreements.

  1. Anwar Pervaiz – 4.6 Billion

Muhammad Anwar Parvez is a UK-based Pakistani businessman and is considered one of Pakistan’S Top 5 Richest Persons In 2023. He has been the founder and chairman of Best way Group-a company that owns WELL PHARMACY, one of British Columbia’s largest pharmacy chains with over 1 million customers in Pakistan as well as operations across the Europe/Middle East region making it second only to Walgreens globally at 4 billion euros ($4.6B).

Parvez also founded United Bank Limited (UBL) when he was just twenty-four years old. He now holds assets worth nearly five trillion Pakistani Rupees or about 100 Billion US dollars today! The youngest self-made person on this list.

3.    Sadruddin Hashwani – 3.4 Billion

    Pakistan's Top 5 Richest Persons In 2023
Sadruddin Hashwani – 3.4 Billion

Mr. Hashwani has spent over half of his life in the cotton industry and today is one of Pakistan’s most successful businessmen, with interests ranging from Real Estate to Oil & Gas- he also happens to be an expert on hospitality management who their government awarded a gold medal for distinguished services rendered!

Hashoo Group was founded in 1960 by Hashwani and now operates across three continents. The company’s goal is to ensure long-term sustainability through active support for community development where it operates; increase shareholder value by creating career opportunities both internally and externally; create awareness of environmental issues like energy conservation among consumers. Globally all while preserving our natural resources at home (pandemic preparedness).

With more than 20 independently owned businesses under its umbrella–including restaurants catering primarily to food stamps riders & calorie items such fresh fruit medley salads, combo meals, and vegetarian delights made from scratch every day!. Hashi has set itself apart not just because they serve delicious cuisine. But also work closely with clients interested not only taste their favorite dish again.

  1. Mian Mansha – 2.7 Billion

    Pakistan's Top 5 Richest Persons In 2023
    Mian Mansha – 2.7 Billion


His family’s wealth is estimated at $2.7 million, making him the fourth wealthiest man in Pakistan, and Nishat Group, his business enterprise.

Mansha comes from a wealthy Bengali family who immigrated to the US during the 1930s after the partition of India into a Hindu-dominated India or Muslim-majority nation of Plateeistan. They returned home to where the cotton company started, which quickly grew up as one of its largest fabric manufacturing mills under the Mansha group. It also contains many other investments such as banks & real estate etc.

The first billionaire from Pakistan was born during the tumultuous 1947 Partition when his parents were among those Muslim families who made their way to what is now known as East Pakistan. In 1951 Nishat Mills – was started by Mian’s father and uncles in textile manufacturing. After graduation, he joined this family business at the London School of Economics (LSE).

Man Group has grown into one of South Asia’s most influential businesses. Today, we employ over 1 million people nationwide while exporting and producing clothing for international brands such as GAP.

  1. Asif Ali Zardari – 1.8 Billion


Pakistan'S Top 5 Richest Persons In 2023
Pakistan’S Top 5 Richest Persons In 2023


Asif Ali Zardari was born on May 10, 1949, in Lyari Town of Karachi. He served as Pakistan’s 11th President from 2008 to 2013. And is now co-chairman of the Pakistani Peoples Party (PPP). Asif’s net worth stands at 1.8 billion dollars. Making him one of the richest people not just within his country but also abroad!

Before he became a politician, former Prime Minister of Pakistan. And billionaire businessman Muhammad Zardari had his hands on many pies. The bulk of Zardari’s fortune comes from sugar mills. Throughout the country as well as other businesses. Where he involves overtime in textiles manufacturing or car dealerships. After all, this is how we got him on TV advertising for brands such as Toyota—at the same time, running an election campaign against someone else’s company!–but there were also some fortunate investments during that tenure too.

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