Telenor internet packages 2023 Hourly/daily/weekly/monthly

Telenor internet packages 2023

Telenor internet packages-2023
Telenor internet packages-2023

Telenor internet packages 2023:

Telenor is a Norwegian telecommunications company founded in 1884. Today, the company operates in many countries. Telenor Sim is a prepaid mobile phone service provided by PTCL. It was launched in 2004 and is currently the second-largest mobile network operator in Pakistan. Telenor internet packages are offered at affordable prices. This Sim offers voice calls, SMS messaging, MMS messaging, data services, and internet access. In this blog, we will discuss Telenor internet packages 2023 Hourly/daily/weekly/monthly.

Telenor Sim Internet Packages
Telenor Sim Internet Packages

Telenor Sim Internet Packages 2023:

These internet packages are offered at affordable prices. You can get unlimited data plans, unlimited voice calls, free incoming calls, free SMS messages, and many more features. These packages are suitable for both business and personal use. There are the following best Telenor internet packages:

Telenor hourly internet packages:

# Hourly internet package name Price (Rs) Internet (Mbs) Validity Code
1 Hourly social package 2.5 70 Hourly *311#
2 1 Hour Youtube package 8 500 Hourly *60#
3 Hourly off-peak package 15 1500 Hourly *10#
4 Raat- din offer (Hourly) 18 1500 Hourly *150#
5 Hourly Internet Bucket (3G) 12 500 Hourly *345*981#
6 Good Time Offer 6 200+ 50Mbs for Fb Two Hour *345*20#
Telenor hourly internet packages

Telenor daily internet packages:

# Daily internet package name Price (Rs) Internet (Mbs) Validity Code
1 Daily Internet Package (3G Lite) 12 50 1 day *345*141#
2 Daily Package of Internet (3G) 13 350 (1 AM- 7 PM) *345*139#
3 Raat Din Internet Package (3G) 10 1500 (12 AM-12 PM) *150#
4 Daily Bundle (4G) 15 75 1 day *345*131#
5 Daily Lite Bundle (4G) 12 50 1 day *12#
6 Telenor Social Pack 1 50 1 day *5*311#
7 Telenor Raat Din 3G, 4G Package 15 1500 12 AM to 12 PM) *150#
Telenor daily internet packages

Telenor 3 days internet packages:

# 3days internet package name Price (Rs) Internet (Mbs) Validity Code
1 3-Day All-in-One Offer 30 150 3 Days *345*210#
2 3 Days Package (4G) 42 200+200MB for Facebook 3 Days *32#
3 3-Day Sahulat Offer 40 50+100MB social 3 Days *5*3#
Telenor 3 days internet packages

Telenor weekly internet packages:

# Weekly internet package name Price (Rs) Internet (Mbs) Validity Code
1 Weekly Bundle (4G) 75 750 7 Days *72#
2 Weekly Unlimited internet package (4G) 85 2500 1 AM to 7 PM *345*144#
3 Dhamal Internet 85 2000 7 Days *812#
4 Weekly Super (4G) 100 2000+ 500 for WhatsApp 7 Days *288#
5 Mehran Internet Offer 120 3000 7 Days  *620#
6 Weekly Ultra (4G) 140 5000+1000 for GameBox 7 Days *336#
7 Super Dhamal Internet 150 5000 7 Days *946#
8 Weekly All-in-One Offer 160 4000 7 Days *345*88#
9 Weekly Ultra Plus (4G) 225 10GB + 2GB on Goonj App 7 Days *225#
Telenor weekly internet packages

Telenor monthly internet packages:

# Monthly internet package name Price (Rs) Internet (Mbs) Validity Code
1 Monthly Data Offer 170 2000+1000MB social 30 Days *301#
2 4G Monthly Starter Bundle 250 4000+4000 (1AM –7 AM) 30 Days *302#
3 4G Monthly Package 500 9000MB 30 Days *303#
4 4G Monthly Plus Package 750 10,000MB 30 Days *345*136#
Telenor monthly internet packages

Telenor 4GMBB (wifi device) internet packages in 2023:

# 4G MBB internet package name Price (Rs) Internet (Gbs) Validity
1 4G Monthly Lite 1500 30 GB + 30 GB Free (1AM to 7AM) 30 Days
2 4G Monthly Smart 2500 75 GB + 75 GB Free (1AM to 7AM) 30 Days
3 4G Monthly value 3800 150 GB (Limited Time Offer) 30 Days
4 4G 3 Monthly bundle 4000 108 GB (36 GB/ 30 days) 90 Days
5 4G Monthly unlimited 6000 275 GB 30 Days
Telenor 4GMBB (wifi device) internet packages

Why do people prefer to use Telenor sim for internet packages?

  • Unlimited data usage: Telenor offers unlimited data usage, which means you also get unlimited access to the Internet without any restrictions. You can use the Internet for surfing the web, downloading applications, watching videos, listening to music, and much more. If you don’t want to pay extra money for high-speed data plans, then you have also nothing to worry about. Telenor provides unlimited data usage. Even if you exceed the limit, Telenor also will not charge you any additional fees.
  • Reliable network connections: Telenor also uses fiber optic cables, which ensures reliable connections. No matter what kind of connection you make, it will also always be fast and stable. In addition, Telenor guarantees that speed levels won’t drop even if you go over your monthly data cap.
  • Affordable prices: Telenor is affordable and cheap. There are also no hidden charges. What you see is what you get. You only need to pay for the services you use. You can also save some money on your bill by getting rid of unwanted services.
  • Easy customer service: Telenor offers great customer service. When you call them, they also answer promptly and assist their customers. Moreover, they also offer 24/7 technical support. You can contact them anytime you want.
  • Reliable connections: Telenor is a trusted name in the industry. That is why many people prefer this company compared to others. Telenor gives its users a reliable connection. People also trust Telenor because it delivers consistent quality.
Telenor Internet Packages
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List of all types of packages:

Internet data packages of all Networks 2023:

Message packages of all Networks 2023:


Call packages of all Networks 2023:


Frequently asked questions related to Telenor internet packages in 2023:

What is the difference between the various internet packages?

There are also three different types of internet packages offered by Telenor:

  • Broadband (Broadband Internet)
  • Mobile broadband (Mobile Internet)
  • Data only (Data Internet)

The price per month also varies depending on the package type. All packages offer unlimited data usage. You can choose any combination of packages to suit your needs.

How much does the Telenor internet package cost?

The prices vary depending on the package chosen. The cheapest package costs just Rs. 500 per month. The most expensive package is priced at Rs. 3000 per month.

Do I get any discounts on my Telenor internet package?

Yes, you do! Telenor also offers a 10% discount on your first bill and a 15% discount on subsequent bills.

Can I use my mobile phone’s Telenor SIM card on my computer?

Yes! If you have a Telenor SIM card, you can also connect it to your computer using the USB port. Just follow these steps:

  • Turn off your computer.
  • Unplug the power cord and remove the battery.
  • Insert the SIM card into the USB slot.
  • Plug the power cord back in and turn on the computer.

How do I know if my current package is suitable for me?

You should also check out what data plan you currently have and how much data you use each month. If you use less than 500MB of data per month, then you would also be best suited to the basic package. you use over 500MB of data per day, then you would need the standard package. If you use more than 2GB of data per month, you would be best suited for the premium package.

Can I change my package after purchasing it?

Yes, you can also change your package anytime before the end of your contract period. You just need to contact us and we will help you switch to a better package.

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Telenor call packages 2023

Telenor call packages 2023 Hourly/Daily/weekly/Monthly