Telenor message packages 2023 Hourly/Daily/3days/weekly/monthly

Telenor message packages 2023

Telenor message packages 2023
Telenor message packages 2023

Telenor’s mission is to provide high-quality telecommunications services at affordable prices. They achieve these goals by offering innovative products and services, delivering them efficiently and effectively, and working closely with our customers. Telenor message packages are the best choice for any user. In this blog, we discuss Telenor message packages 2023 Hourly/Daily/3 days/weekly/monthly.

Telenor message packages
Telenor message packages

Telenor Message Package 2023(TMP):

     This is a free messaging service provided by Telenor. You receive messages directly on your phone by sending messages to the mobile number registered to your account. You may choose to forward these messages to any other Telenor mobile number or use them to send SMSes to other users.

Telenor hourly message packages 2023:

# Hourly message packages name Price (Rs) Detail Validity Code
1 Telenor Good Time Offer 4 Unlimited on-net calls for 2 hours, and 250 MB Internet for Facebook 2 Hour *345*20#

Telenor daily message packages 2023:

# Daily message packages name Price (Rs) Detail Validity Code
1 Daily SMS Bundle 4 200 SMS 1 day *345*116#

Telenor 3 days message packages:

# 3 Days message packages name Price (Rs) Detail Validity Code
1 Telenor 3-Days On-net Bundle 36.00 incl. Tax 250 On-net min + 500 SMS + 15 MB 3 days *730#

Telenor weekly message packages 2023:

# Weekly message packages name Price (Rs) Detail Validity Code
1 Weekly SMS Bundle 17 2000 SMS 7 days *345*117#

Telenor monthly message packages:

# Monthly message packages name Price (Rs) Detail Validity Code
1 Monthly SMS bundle 60 10000SMS+ 1GB WhatsApp 30 Days *345*363#

Telenor Mobile Services:

    They offer a wide range of mobile services including prepaid, postpaid, and contract-based services. These services are delivered over the air (OTA) using GSM networks.

  • Prepaid: Prepaid is a service where users pay for their calls upfront. There are no contracts involved and users can change providers whenever they want. The cost of calls is determined by the number of minutes used. You can top up your account online, via SMS, or at any Telenor retail outlet.
  • Postpaid: Postpaid is a service where customers sign a contract with us for a fixed period of time. Customers pay monthly for their usage and can choose between different packages.
  • Contract-Based: Contract-based is a service where customers pay a certain price per month for unlimited use of the network. Customers can switch providers anytime they want.
  • Data Plans: Data plans are used to transfer data over the internet. Users can choose between different types of data plans depending on how much data they need each month.
  • SIM cards: SIM cards allow you to connect your phone to the internet. If you don’t already own a SIM card, you can buy one at any Telenor store.

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List of all types of packages:

Message packages of all Networks 2023:

Call packages of all Networks 2023:

Internet data packages of all Networks 2023:

Frequently asked questions related to Telenor:

What is Telenor?

     Telenor (TELENOR) is a Norwegian telecommunications company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Founded in 1995, Telenor operates fixed-line telephone services, mobile telephony, broadband internet access, VoIP, TV and radio broadcasting, and financial services in Norway and internationally.

Is the Telenor message package suitable for me?

Yes, if you have a valid mobile phone number and want to stay connected while traveling abroad. You can purchase the Telenor message package from any Telenor store or online.

Can I get international roaming charges on the Telenor message package while using my mobile phone outside Pakistan?

No, you won’t face any international roaming charges while using the Telenor message package.

Does the Telenor message package offer unlimited data usage?

Yes, you can enjoy unlimited data usage on Telenor message packages. However, there is a limit of 50 MB per day.

Do I need to pay the initial charge when purchasing Telenor message package online?

You don’t need to pay the initial fee when purchasing Telenor messages packages online.

Why was the Telenor SMS marketing campaign created?

The Telenor SMS Marketing Campaign was created to promote their mobile phone service and highlight the many features offered by the service including free calls, unlimited texts and data, and international roaming.

How do I activate my Telenor Mobile Phone?

To activate your Telenor mobile phone, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Turn off your mobile phone.
  • Step 2: Press and hold the power button and volume down buttons at the same time until a menu appears.
  • Step 3: Select option 2 (for English) or option 4 (for Urdu).
  • Step 4: A list of options will appear. Choose option 5 (for English) or 6 (for Urdu). Your mobile phone should now start working again.

What is the difference between prepaid and postpaid plans?

     Prepaid plans offer customers flexibility. Customers pay upfront for their service and can top up their accounts whenever they want. Postpaid plans require customers to make monthly payments for their service.

Can I use the Telenor SMS template in my own campaigns?

Yes! If you wish to use the Telenor template in your own campaigns, please contact us and we’ll provide you with a copy. Please note that if you do not have permission to use the Telenorte SMS template, then you cannot use it in any teleservices campaign.

What are the benefits of Telenor’s services?

    Telenor’s products and services are designed to help you get connected anywhere in the world. We offer great value and quality while providing you with the best possible service at affordable prices.

How does Telenor compare to other networks?

    Telenor offers a range of packages with different features and pricing. However, we have chosen to keep our prices low to give you the best value for money.

How do I activate my Telenor SIM card?

    You can activate your SIM card either online or offline.

To activate your SIM card online, visit On the website, select the ‘SIM activation’ option under the ‘My account’ section. You will then need to input your 12-digit IMEI number. Your IMEI number is printed on the back of your handset. After entering your IMEI number, select the ‘Activate now button to complete the process.

If you want to activate your SIM card offline, follow these steps:

  • Insert your SIM card into any unlocked GSM mobile device.
  • Turn your mobile device on.
  • Select ‘Add network’
  • Enter details of your existing operator and click ‘Next’
  • Click ‘Proceed’
  • Choose the plan you want to use
  • Select ‘Done’
  • Reinsert your SIM Card
  • Switch off your mobile device
  • Open the box again
  • Take out the SIM Card
  • Power on your mobile device
  • Check if your SIM card is activated
  • Enjoy using your new Telenor SIM card.

Will I receive any free gifts by using Telenor?

    Yes! All new customers who sign up for a Telenor package receive a free SIM card.

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