Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani Tiktokers

Pakistani Famous Tiktokers


Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani Tiktokers

The most installed app in Pakistan this year is TikTok, millions of people are watching the videos these days, and at the same time, we have seen a lot of entertainment coming through with great fun. Here is the list of the Top 10 famous Pakistani Tiktokers with a short biography of each tik toker.

Every day, millions of people in Pakistan access the popular TikTok app. This proves that there is nothing wrong with being called a star or celebrity on this platform. It has gained popularity and acceptance among locals throughout all age groups, especially youth culture enthusiasts who use their phones to document what they do for fun!

Social media has never seen anything like the Pakistani social network TikTok. These days, it seems that every other person you see on your feed is a star! And why shouldn’t they be? With over 200 million active monthly users in Pakistan alone- not including those coming from outside sources such as Facebook or Instagram – there are plenty of opportunities for individuals who post regularly and creatively with original content to make an impact at scale across all demographics within their respective countries’ borders.

The top 10 most famous tik tokers in Pakistan can be found below, with a short bio of each celebrity. These incredible people have amazing fans all over the world, and we’re going to tell you about them!

1. Jannat Mirza – 8.9m Followers

Jannat Mirza, a young and up-and-coming star in the Pakistani film industry, has dominated social media with her captivating videos. She’s become known throughout Lollywood for being talented enough to land an Ali Josh music video from his album “In My Opinion.” Now she is filming a debut feature film under director Syed Noor which will be released soon!

Janat Mirza is one of the top 10 most popular tiktokers in Pakistan right now, and she’s only 22 years old! She got her start when people started posting videos on social media about how much fun they were having making them. This talented young woman has gained an international audience for well-made vids that are often full o laughs and feminine touches like lace or flowing hairpieces. These pieces stand out among others because there aren’t many others. TikTok stars with such style (or talent!)

A little over two years ago, after graduating college with degrees in Arts & Architecture, fashion design was not all Janat had planned so far away from home…until fate.

2.Kanwal Aftab – 8.4m Followers

Kanwal Aftab is second in the list of the Top 10 famous Pakistani Tiktokers. A 22-year-old social media star from Pakistan with nearly one million followers on TikTok gained lip-syncing in her videos. She studied BS in Mass Communication at the University of Central Punjab (UCP) and is now hosting Urdu Point and shooting other online brands alongside TV shows because of how much fans love watching them!

  1. Zulqarnain Sikandar 8M Followers

Zulqarain “Zulfikar” Sikandar is the newest star in Pakistan. He was born to a military family but made his way into show business after getting discovered on TikTok by another famous Pakistani personality which helped him get started with making funny videos for their fans around the country while also guiding what type of content would work best given Zulfi’s audience demographic – which included young children and teenagers alike! The 22-year-old has already created millions of laughs worth within just five years’ time thanks to their talent level or good looks and creativity that will last generations beyond.

  1. Usman Asim – 7.7M Followers

Usman Asim is one of the most iconic Pakistani trolls on YouTube. He has gained popularity for his unique portrayal in everything you don’t expect a molvi to be, which gives him an edge over other video stars who only appeal towards certain demographics because he caters across all ages and cultures within India’s vast population density. His humorous videos do hard not enjoy watching them!

  1. Alishba Anujm – 6.5M Followers

Alishbah Anjum is one of the most beautiful and talented tik tokers in Pakistan. She is the 5th in the Top 10 most famous Pakistani Tiktokers. She has won many awards for her videos posted on social media sites like TikTok or Instagram, which show some great fashion styles!

Alishba’s first video was uploaded by accident when it turned out to be more successful than she could have imagined- now all we need are those sweet dimples while laughing through every joke someone tells us.

Alishba Anjum, Jannat Mirza’s sister and aspiring social media influencer has captured TikTok users’ attention like no other before her. Her videos are flooding in front pages around the world! This up-and-coming star is following suit with what made her famous: posting entertaining content daily for all to see– including you 😉

  1. Areeka Haq – 6.4M Followers

Areeqa Haq is a social media star who became famous for her videos on TikTok. Only 19 years old, Areeka was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, to an attorney father who worked at the Supreme Court of Pakistan and other prestigious organizations like ICCO (The Insurance Company Of ODered States). She has always known how important fashion is because growing up; she had access to many brands thanks both during school hours when friends could go shopping after class with their parents or just about whenever they wanted because mom & dad were never too busy!

  1. Tuqeer Ahmad (Phoollu) – 5.6M Followers

Tuqeer Ahmed is a simple and honest man who cannot be categorized by the catchiest of names. He’s best known as Phoollu. But his raw videos make him stand out from others in their simplicity. If you’re looking for something that will really tug at your heartstrings. Then look no further than this one!

Phoolu’s videos on Tik Tak have gained him fame. He is one such person from an urban area of ​​Pakistan. And has been entertaining people for years with his well-choreographed dancing in video posts before he became famous worldwide!

  1. Dolly – 5.6M Followers

Dolly Leo is a beauty and fashion Instagram star from Lahore, Pakistan. She has been popular for her lip-sync app, TikTok. She makes videos that typically feature singing lyrics. By other artists or making original songs with instrumentals composed on guitar tabs shared through SoundCloud.

Her personality shines in every video as well. There’s something about Dolly’s smiley face emoticons! When not hosting big events such as Fashion Week collections at Geo Multan stadium runway shows alongside global brands like Prada, Gucci & Chanel–Dolly’s favorite place to shop. Due to its high-quality clothing selection since most local designers only sell inexpensive items without any style whatsoever. So you always end up coming home empty-handed even.

Dolly’s channel is a hit for both young and old for her beauty tips. Her long blonde tresses are always in style- no matter what the latest trends are!

  1. Ali Khan 5.1M Followers

Ali Khan is a 23-year-old Pakistani TikTok star and actor born in Hyderabad, Sindh. He has over 5 million followers on his social media site. Where he posts videos of himself walking with stylish walks like the one shown below (stylized version). Ali’s personality shines through even when you can’t see him. Viewers get an inside look into what makes this famous young man tick by watching all these clips!

The most notable thing about him might be how handsomely fashionable everything seems. From carefully chosen outfit choices down to his choice of footwear paired appropriately towards any occasion or setting. But there are many other aspects worth noting too.

  1. Nadeem Mubarak – 4.9M Followers

Nadeem Mubarak is one of the most famous social media personalities in Pakistan. He was born and raised in Lahore. But now lives with his family outside London. Where he’s gaining more popularity for both video content on TikTok and song lyrics that are topping charts all over Asia, just like “Cute Jehi Look.”



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