Top 10 Pakistani actresses with more followers on Instagram

Pakistani actresses with instagram follewers

Top 10 Pakistani actresses with more followers on Instagram
Top 10 Pakistani actresses with more followers on Instagram

Top 10 Pakistani actresses with more followers on Instagram

Social media is a new type of technology that has taken over our lives. It’s used for everything, from taking pictures to sharing what we’re doing at any given moment with friends and family members. And it can also help you become famous!

These days, you can go live and interact with your fans directly. This magical tool is called Instagram; it’s a social media platform that celebrities use to capitalize on attracting followers. When they post pictures of themselves doing mundane activities like shopping or eating at restaurants. Times have changed as we no longer need to wait in lines. Anymore because today’s technology makes our lives easier by giving us access from anywhere!

In recent years, there has been an increase in pop culture where people admire popular public figures via photos posted online. Such as those found through Facebook statuses explaining what one does during downtime between jobs/school, etc. But instead, these posts may include videos alongside them showing off individual talent.

Pakistani actress

As a way to get the word out about their business, brands have started relying more heavily on social media. They approach celebrities and famous public figures that have large followings for endorsements through this platform by posting on their Instagram pages or Twitter feeds. Not only international stars like Gigi Hadid who has over 150 million followers. But also Pakistani actors make sure they use these sites effectively in order to gain even greater exposure from fans around the world!

The competition on Instagram is tough! It’s not just because of the number of followers. But also their talent. Some celebrities have an amazing following in real life and struggle when it comes to social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook for example

Here are ten Pakistani stars that you might be surprised to know. How many people follow them on Instagram though they don’t necessarily post every day?

Here is The list of the top 10 Pakistani actresses with the most Followers on Instagram in 2021

1.     Ayeza Khan – 9.1 Million

Ayeza Khan, one of Pakistan’s most famous celebrities and actresses has been part of the industry for more than two decades. She makes sure that even though she does not post as much on social media compared to before (when it was her number 1 priority), every little detail about projects are still posted on Instagram; which follower know they will wake up with something new every day!

Ayeza Khan has been one of the most successful actresses on Pakistani television, but she still can’t seem to catch a break. The recent ARY drama series Meray Pass Tum Ho made Ayesha enough money for 9 years and counting as soon as it aired last year; however, this success didn’t come without its challenges that will be addressed later on down below:

Maintaining your career while also maintaining personal life becomes increasingly difficult with age comes into play- which is something many actors do face nowadays due not only to their own desires/needs (including children)but those imposed by society such expectations from them regarding work hours or family time span.

      2- Aiman Khan – 8.5  Million

Aiman Khan is really young, but she’s the most followed Pakistani celebrity on social media. This could be one reason why people love following her – they know that even though Aiman lives in another country and has been famous for years before this list started, there are still many things worth watching out for from someone so humble yet talented!

A young and beautiful Pakistani TV actress who made her debut in 2012, Aiman Khan is loved by fans around the world for being such a kind-hearted person. Though not as well known yet compared to other actresses of higher levels within their career path, she still managed to connect with followers through Instagram where people can view pictures that show off a simple lifestyle which includes plenty of fashion choices alongside sweet captions about life or anything else anyone would want advice on!

      3- Mahira Khan – 7.6 Million

Mahira Khan is the ultimate superstar of the Pakistani showbiz industry yet when it comes to Instagram following she only scores fifth place. Just one year ago, Mahira’s fan base surpassed that of many celebrities who are at or near the top on this list now; however, she isn’t too active with her account a few years back which might be an indication as well as why hers lost popularity recently?

The Pakistan-born actress has more than two million followers compared with other social media users like Hiba Nosheen (nine million), Hamza Ali Abbasi(ten), and Osman Khalid Butt. (eleven). It seems every time we turn around there’s another name added into.

From the streets of Karachi to Cannes, Mahira Khan has been a trailblazer for all women. This year she was honored by DIAFA with their Distinctive International Arab Festivals Awards in recognition of her contribution and leadership within the film industry throughout the Middle Eastern region.”

Mahira Khan Biography

Mahira Khan is one of the most successful Pakistani actresses on Instagram. She doesn’t work very hard to get people following her but it seems like she has been able to create an overwhelming amount of followers with all these pictures and videos where we can see what life as a celebrity entails in Pakistan!

At first glance, Mahirat may not seem like such an active user when looking through someones’ profile; however, there are many posts from concerts or other events that give insight into this talented actor’s lifestyle outside professional hours – giving fans real glimpses at.

     4 – Sajal Aly – 7.1 Million

Sajal Ali is a talented and focused young actress with many followers on Instagram. In the past few months, her following has increased considerably due to her unique style of acting is loved by so many people across different social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, etc.  Her lackadaisical attitude towards building an army for herself might be what keeps others from getting into this field because if you’re going hard then no one can stop your ambition right? Well, Sajal doesn’t believe in being too ambitious which only makes sense considering not everyone needs more than 100k+ friends at once!

The number continues It’s never been about winning popularity contests anyways – What matters most are those who appreciate us.

Sajal Aly Films

Sajal Aly is a natural-born actress who has been producing films for over two decades. She was out of touch with the TV industry after her mother’s sad demise but made an incredible comeback when she signed ‘MOM’ in India as the late Sridevi starred alongside her. The movie reminds them both about their love and respect towards each other during those times when they shared some expressions together on screen

This passage highlights how talented actor Sajal Aly Pakistan produced many movies from an early age until now without forgetting what he feels is most important that this art form can help people by expressing themselves through acting.

   5 – Minal Khan – 7 Million

Minal Khan is a stunning young actress who has sky-rocketed her popularity recently after starring in some of the most popular dramas. People love Mina for her looks just as much they do because she’s really active on Instagram, another reason that people follow this gorgeous starlet!

It is always exciting when you see sister duos in the media. There are many famous ones like Gigi and Bella Hadid, or even lesser-known sisters who rule their fields together such as Aiman Minal’s done for her work; they can be seen everywhere! It might not seem that way at times but these connections between people make amazing things happen – maybe this was proven once more by how well-known both Urwa Hocane (Kendal)and Mawra Zaid Nassar were able to become with just one sibling each.

Minal Khan Instagram

Minal Khan is an Instagram star who posts pictures of herself with her dog. She has a following of over 500k people on the photo-sharing site, and even though she’s still relatively young they’ve grown up watching Minal in front of their eyes from when kid’s shows were popular to now when everyone wants privacy for themselves or just getting started out there into this world without having any reference points other than what we see through social media screens every day – so it isn’t surprising why these two would feel comfortable sharing personal moments like planting seeds before time runs them dry!

  • Sarah Khan – 6.7 Million









Sarah Khan is a newbie in the business, but she has quickly gained popularity among her fans for posting pictures that are both beautiful and up-to-date. Her Instagram account showcases what it’s like being at work on set during the filming of an upcoming drama series with tons more pretty shots!

With a bold performance in Sabaat, she gained the confidence of her fans. She is beautiful with brains keeps an eye on work and doesn’t interfere in someone else’s business – or so we thought! It seems like there was something more going on between this ravishing silent beauty and Agha Ali than what meets the eye…

  1. Mawra Hocane – 6.5 Million









Mawra Hocane is one of the most followed celebrities in her country, Pakistan. She has worked on both film and television sets but she is best known for being an active social media user with over two hundred thousand followers who put up pictures mostly showing off what life looks like outside these appearances – from family events to vacations abroad! Her Insta account also helps promote different projects so everyone can keep track when it comes time for the release or even announce new endorsements since they’re always using their fan following wisely by advertising anything that will interest potential buyers (and us!).

Mawra Hocane’s captions always have interesting topics that are sure to make you think. Her Instagram page is more engaging because of the intelligent questions she poses in her posts, which give followers food for thought as well!

  1. Iqra Aziz – 6.1 Million

Iqra Aziz has shown her acting  Pakistani drama industry. prowess in the field of drama and she is also a model. Last year, Iqra faced criticism for which she turned off comments under posts on Instagram; but this didn’t stop or dampen any love from people who continue to admire these achievements so far!

I am very happy when they let me play two lead parts at once because it increased my chance of not just becoming famous but getting good characters too like Ramazan Special Suno Chanda  in 2018 where there were many negative tweets about how much hijab should wear etc., yet still loved by thousands worldwide! Top 10 Pakistani actresses with more followers on Instagram.

Iqra Aziz is a popular actress in the. Her serials, such as “Suno Chanda” and now “#KHUDA_AUR_MOHABAT”, have shown her range of skills to audiences across Pakistan.”

Yasir Alam always knew how much Iqra cared for him–he could tell by all those sweet messages they sent each other during their relationship! On Instagram, one day (#khuddaaurmohaat) this trend caught on – people were loving seeing these two lovingly show off pictures together while also announcing an upcoming simple wedding at home with just family present because it mattered most to them- proving yet again what sort.

  1. Hina Altaf – 5.9 Million

Hina Altaf has been through a lot in her career. After she opened up about what was happening last year, the public became interested and loved how honest Hina is on social media! They also felt for this singer because they knew what it feels like all too well themselves due to their own personal struggles. Top 10 Pakistani actresses with more followers on Instagram.

Hina Altaf’s Instagram account is just as fun and interesting to follow as any other social media personality out there! The most random posts come from time to time, with Hina revealing herself in ways that only she can. Once for example when someone commented on one of her pictures about how pretty they thought it was; instead of replying back nicely like most people would do (not knowing if you’re actually being sincere),

  1. Sana Javed – 5.9 Million

Superstar Sana Javed has recently surpassed the five-million follower milestone on her Instagram account, where she showcases photos from all over Pakistan to promote various causes.

In addition to being an actress and singer in both television shows as well as music videos for popular artists such as Sami Hustla or profile, it seems that many people have found a home with their favorite actor/actress through social media sites because now they can watch what he/she does every day without even leaving their house!

Sana Javed took to Instagram to celebrate her five million followers, posting a gorgeous picture with the comment “We are a five-million-strong family!” She went on to say thanks for all their love throughout these years. The virtual Instagram familia has shown Sana so much respect and support especially when it comes time for new opportunities in life. Top 10 Pakistani actresses with more followers on Instagram.

Final words.

These 10 Pakistani celebrities have the most fan following on Instagram. It is interesting to note that young female stars like Urwa Hocane (a singer), Maya Ali(actress), and Mehwish Hayat can boast more than 4 million followers; while Momina Mustehsan has over 2 million!

Social media is an integral part of our lives, and the top 10 most followed Pakistani actresses on Instagram are proof. This never-ending contest to be popular will always leave room for new names as there’s so much talent in Pakistan!

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